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Nadir Lasana Bomani (Omo Awo Ogunkeye) is a father/writer/educator & native of New Orleans. His most recent book “Thicker Than Water (a marriage between poetry and prose)” was written with his wonderful wife Mawiyah Bomani. Nadir’s work has also appeared in “Beyond The Frontier,” “Catch The Fire,” “Dark Eros,” “Drumvoices Revue,” “Family Pictures,” “Fertile Ground,” “From A Bend In The River,” “Kente Cloth,” “100 Best African American Poems,” and “360º A Revolution Of Black Poets” & beaucoup things.
Omo Awo Ogunkeye Bomani has written 4 articles so far, you can find them below.

Nadir Lasana Bomani (Ogunkeye)
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Wednesday Nights

 by Nadir Lasana Bomani “…Grandma goes to church Iya goes to the foot of a tree…” Grandma isn’t inside the house good before the words dance from her mouth: “Did you give to the Mothers yet?” “No ma’am, I’m getting the eggs now.” Iya’s tone is bright like the frost on her Mama’s coat. 9 […]

February 5, 2014 0
Nadir Lasana Bomani (Ogunkeye)
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At 3 In The Morning…

by Nadir Lasana Bomani (Ogunkeye)   At 3 in the morning the Moon yawns at the tired old tune the Owl keeps on hootin’ I’ve got a trail round my house that will lead you into the nostrils of the most congested woods Ain’t no telling ‘What in the Brothers Grimm?’ you might dig out! […]

June 6, 2012 0
Nadir Lasana Bomani (Ogunkeye)
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It’s Time

by Nadir Lasana Bomani (Ogunkeye) “It’s Time.” was what you said, and I knew from your tone, there would be no u-turns. “It’s Time,” (Two words.  Two syllables. Too terse to be taken lightly) felt familiar to me.  Intimate like something I once said in a Texas Days Inn when the only thing we had […]

February 29, 2012 0
sankofa caravan 086
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Celebrating the Spirit of the Ancestors in Photos

by Olorisha Ogunkeye Bomani The Caravan to the Ancestors in Galveston, Texas

October 22, 2011 0

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