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Yawo Esu

 Esu, to me, is a very unpredictable Orisha. Everyday he gives you a choice via a path. You go either the right way or the wrong way.  Sad to say, in most cases, us humans falter and choose the negative path.  The quick path.

The reason? Because it’s the path that benefits our desires in that certain moment. It’s all about greed and what can benefit me right now instead of in the long run.

In the background, Esu is just standing there giving out consequences left and right for every choice you make.

Most people view Esu in a bad light because they say he has a habit of “tricking” humans and Orishas. As a child of Esu, I know that it all comes down to personal choices.  Your choice is a very powerful element in achieving your destiny. All Esu is doing is placing the choices on a silver platter and you either pick the right one or the wrong one.  It isn’t rocket science.  Every choice comes with a series of fortunate or unfortunate events,  it’s that simple.

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Yes,  Esu is an unpredictable Orisha, but sometimes when Esu gives us a pathway in life, we make the predictable mistake of living our lives in an unpredictable manner.  We want the path that benefits our present, not our future.  Most of the times, that road is a very negative one indeed.

Esu is the engine of the car.  He is ruler over the crossroads.  Without him, consequences wouldn’t be given out to someone who does a good or bad deed.

Everything goes through this Orisha. You have to acknowledge him first before all Orisha. You have to give him what he wants before all Orishas.  It’s no secret. Esu is the heart of all Orishas and without him; Ifa would be distorted and our messages would fall on deaf ears.

Article by Yawo Esu

My name is Yawo Esu and I was born October 19, 1997. I am thirteen years old and attend Youree Drive Middle in Shreveport, Louisiana. I was born and raised in New Orleans, but my family departed the Big Easy because of Hurricane Katrina. I am a Student Council representative at Youree. I won my school’s top reader award and have been inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Being inducted in NJHS is a big accomplishment for me because I have finally been recognized for my hard work at school and community service outside of school at Sankofa Gardens. I want to be a journalist when I grow up so I can display my writing talents to the world. It’s been my goal and I’m ready to go out there and get it.
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